With technology continuously advancing, there are more and more innovative ways to secure your home. You can get this technology from any online retailer like Amazon! Here are 21 products that can secure your home the way you need:

An Adjustable BarAdjustable bars are meant to be wedged in the tracks of sliding doors or against hinged doors. They add another layer of protection against any armed criminals that may be trying to break and enter.

Door Stop AlarmThis is a device that has a built in siren. When it is set, if a door opens then there will be an alarm that is meant to scare of burglars while alerting you to activity in the home.

Motion Activated Flood LightsThese are lights that are activated by any movement and good to alert burglars to know that you are watching.

Standalone SafeThis is important to hold all your valuables in a standalone safe like your social security card, cash, family heirlooms, jewelry, etc.

Wireless Internet Surveillance SystemYou can monitor your home whenever because these often connect to apps on your smartphone! You can have setting adjusted to your preference as well.

Temporary Door LockThis allows you to either add an extra layer of security to your home or provides security if there is none!

Reinforcement LockThis protects against criminals trying to break and enter. It prevents lock picking (if in the locked position) as well as lock bumping. It can also withstand 800 pounds of force, and is perfect for all swinging doors!

Window AlarmsIf someone is trying to break into your apartment through your window then it will emit a blaring alarm to alert you

Compact AlarmsThese are a bit more sensitive and can alert you even if there is an earthquake. It just wants to alert you if anyone is trying to even jimmy their way inside your home

Frosted Window FilmThis ensures that no peeping toms can view inside your home through any glass surfaces on the outside of your home

Echo ShowIt is easier to connect with loved ones and takes up less time! Can be used hands-free in case of an emergency

Fake Security CamerasIf you don’t have the means to invest in good home security then you need to ensure you can ward off potential threats by installing fake cameras until you have the money to get the real deal

Security System SignsWhether you actually have the security system advertised or not, a sign on your front lawn is a good way to ward off potential intruders

Wireless Driveway AlarmAccompany this with your motion activated flood lights and you will be able to be alerted to anyone approaching your property!

Touchscreen Smart DeadboltThis is compatible with multiple forms of technology like alexa or any similar equipment and also allows you to have access to this through your phone so you don’t need to be home!

Home Paper ShredderThis is perfect to ensure that no valuable information is leaked! You cut everything into tiny strips so that even if someone wanted to try and get your information, they couldn’t
There are many ways that you can protect your home! You have the resources like Amazon to be able to get whatever you need to ensure your safety. Make sure that you take the steps necessary to keep all aspects of your life safe!

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