Finding an apartment in general is a tedious process but when you add the extra obstacle of having to fit it within your financial means then it can get even more challenging. There are three ways that you can effectively find a cheap apartment!

Option #1: Look for an Apartment on the InternetSearch for roommate options and affordable housing through websites like Craigslist: Craigslist features local listings on apartments or people in need of a roommate. When apartment hunting, craigslist can be a good tool due to the fact that private renters are offering these at a discounted rate! In order to ensure your safety make sure to get a background check and credit check from any potential roommate, and verify the apartment owner’s authenticity! Keep your personal information secure until you know for a fact that everything checks out.

Use housing specific search engines to compare places: Craigslist may not work for you, and that’s okay! There are other search engines that specify in housing/apartments like,,, and more! Any of these options can list out available units for you to see and even sometimes offer a 3D tour! While you may not snag any special deals, it is a good comparative tool!

Use social media platforms like Facebook: You can use Facebook in a multitude of ways! However, many seem to forget to use it when trying to find an apartment. You can join facebook groups for low-cost housing where landlords and applicants can see and share posts with one another. A majority of cities have several groups so you can get a wide variety of options!

Option #2: Search for Apartments in Lower-Cost LocationsSearch for suburban areas that are on the outskirts of urban areas: When you live in suburban areas that are just right outside of the city you can save rent by a few hundred dollars! This not only cuts price on rent but still allows a manageable commute to whatever city you’re on the outskirts of.
Choose a city that has more affordable housing: If you don’t have to be tied down to any specific city then you should move into an area that is just more affordable! When you are tied down to one area, you can save hundreds with the new options available to you.
Compromise on the size of your apartment: While your dream place may have a lot of square footage with a bedroom, you may have to settle for something less like a studio to really save a significant amount of money!
Live in a somewhat inconvenient area: This isn’t to say settle somewhere that isn’t a safe place to live, but rather understanding the marketplace. If you live in an apartment that is close to public transportation like a bus stop or a train station, then you will realize that it costs more to live in the area because of convenience. If you don’t even use public transportation, you can live in an apartment that isn’t near so you save money in the end!

Option #3: Making Rent More AffordableCut your apartment rent/bills drastically with a roommate: If you are able to find a roommate to live with you then you are able to save a lot of money on living. Whether you want to reduce the actual price you spend on rent, or get more bang for your buck, you will get more for your dollar in the long run. You can use social media platforms searching for a roommate through Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram, and whatever else you may want to use. In the description of the search ad, be sure to detail your expectations of a roommate. If you need someone who is quiet after 9 pm then a party animal may not be a good match. When screening roommates it is good to run thorough background and credit checks on them!

Try to negotiate lowering the rent if you can: Unless you are in an area where there are constantly renters, landlords can be open to negotiating prices. When negotiating you want to have a clear price in mind and as to why you think that. Be sure to understand the marketplace environment when talking about numbers. Not every landlord will budge but it is good to at least try!
Find a rent-controlled apartment: A rent-controlled apartment is a type of rent regulation that affects some apartment complexes. Started in 1943 and ending in 1974, this program sets an allowable rent amount to residents of these buildings. If you specifically want to search for rent-controlled/rent-stabilized apartments then you can search from them through or just call an apartment building and ask.

Understand the difference between need and want when it comes to apartment hunting: While it may be nice to have a spacious and modern apartment in a major city that fits within your budget, that likely won’t happen. Instead you will need to compromise on some aspects of the apartment like size and amenities.

Overall apartment hunting can be difficult especially with added obstacles like budget restrictions. However, with the right tools, you can find an affordable apartment no problem!

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