It can be daunting when you begin navigating the different types of programs and grants that would be best for you and your family. You begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and feel like you will miss opportunities that you desperately need.

However, there is no need to worry! You now have the tools to see the different types of housing you could qualify for like: rental assistance, funding that help towards your down payment, and ways to get housing supplies plus much more! However, it is important to keep in mind that for some assistance there can be only a specific number of slots and eligible applicants. Make sure you secure your spot and get assistance today. DOWNLOAD EBOOK TO LEARN MORE……

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  1. Sincerely this is Andrew Ellis I am on a limited income do you have any independent senior living accommodations that would accommodate people that are disabled and on a limited income my income is roughly $1050.00 PS email address thank you very much Andrew Ellis

  2. I'm a single mother with a autistic daughter and we have been homeless awhile now. I have been on housing waiting lists for months and nothing. Really need help finding affordable housing

  3. I'm disabled and have a therapy dog because of my depression and anxiety disorders. I'm looking for a cheap 1 or 2 bedroom apartment to rent I live on SSI and get 813.00vper month. Can any one help. I have a hard time going steps.

  4. ive been on section 8 waiting list since 1994 and still nothing i have a 10 year old daughter we are living in a garage with a bathroom there is no kitchen i cook with a electric 2 burner. I really believe i should have received some kinda of information by now . I sign up for the county of los angeles thinking at the time that includes all of los angeles cities. never knew there's also los angeles city. Whats the difference? please can someone please get in touch with me

  5. Iam looking for the house that have shower and landry room and a bed room downstairs first level because I have difficulty go to basement do Landry and my shower upstairs I have broken knee and desk problems breathing problems my place very old is effecting me I talk to my place thay cant helping dont know what to do I applied for sections 8 twice I didn't get it

  6. We are 5 in house me my kids my husband our place very small and very old I applied for sections 8 twice I didnt get it because I been told it was lottery choice I dont know if is true I been told about my situation and told them about my leg and my back and breathing sound no one care

  7. I found a Apt in Memphis TN for a reasonable price,however being on a fixed income I'm 2000 dollars short by their policy.Therefore I need help with the balance

  8. I have found several apartments the my daughter and I would be happy in. When will I know if I have most definitely been açepted into the section 8 housing voucher program for affordable apartments or townhouse and or low income Apartments. Please advise me that my criteria and eligibility are approved. We need to get out due to 1 of my any reasons. 1. Domestic violence, verbal abuse, financial abuse. Now my 27 yr son has moved back in and he now is verbally abusing myself and our daughter. Any word on the application . Please contact me.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Thompson

  9. Im a cancer patient living with my sister i recieve $771. In disibilty. She cant afford to feed me and help me much longer and i have no where else to go and im not eligible for food stamps can you help me with some kind of housing or an apartment that's very cheats

  10. I'm also A single mother as well with A autistic son who is 5 year's old I have SSI for my income of $771.00 a month I also need assistance on behalf of finding an affordable home for my son and I.

  11. Can you help me get a grant for my disability? I am blind in one eye and wheelchair bound from having cancer twice.My daughter is my caregiver.we need to buy a house,one level.I have three chaweenie that help me cope.

  12. Log your son is autistic the state should be giving you 2 different incomes also your child being in the state he's in you should be able to get other resources. If he has a social worker that helps with classes or appointments they should be able to help you find out who to talk to.

  13. I draw ssi $771 I am looking for a home home for myself only. Ground level maybe with a basement. In Ormond by the sea, Florida 32176 I want to go home. I need to be near my family. Looking at all possibilities..and options. Rent to own. With a pool if possible.

  14. Hi, my name is Jackie. I am looking for an apartment ASAP. I am currently living in a Sober house and have less than 30 days to find somewhere else to live I have been here as long as I can stay. Yes I am in recovery. I have been clean for quite sometime now and I am looking to find an apartment with 2 bedrooms. So that I can have my son come back and live with me again. This has been an on going process for awhile and I've been trying my hardest. I have gone to RCAP Solutions and Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance. I've been going to the places to help with funding but nothing yet. Sorry I forgot to mention that I do love in Worcester, Ma. And I am currently employed. I am a Package Handler at United Parcel Service (UPS). I make $14 an hour plus $100 bonus for showing up all week on time. I would love and appreciate the help more than anything
    Thanks, Jackie Majeau

  15. Hi I am a looking for an apartment, transitional housing, or something where I can live and not have to have the stress everyday of wondering where I'm going to live. I worked in corporate america for three years and was terminated for "a reason other than misconduct" according to the Texas Workforce Commission. I've called 211 and was connected to churches who all have either run out of resources for single individuals or I do not meet their criteria. After subbing for about month now, my monthly income has been about $300/ month. I am not afraid of work. I have a BBA in Accounting am an active member of my church, but all other resources have fallen through. If you can help me find and secure an apartment, I will greatly appreciate it!

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