It is both exciting and intimidating when it comes to searching for a new place to live. The prospect of ending up in a less than ideal housing or financial situation can tame any feelings of excitement you might have had when looking forward to get a new space for yourself. Knowing your housing options before you begin your search for a new place can help put you at ease and even save you some headaches along the way. Read on to learn more about your housing options and how you can afford a new apartment or finance a home.

Apartments and Rentals

An apartment or a rental unit makes the ideal home for most people. On the market, there are many kinds of apartments and rental units available as demand for housing has increased in recent years. It requires knowing your preferred rental unit type and what units are available in your area before you can find the right rental for you.

In terms of apartments, there are several kinds to choose from. While not all apartment options are available in every area, there are three basic kinds available in most places including standard apartments, senior apartments and condominiums (condos). A standard apartment includes regular one- or two-bedroom apartments and studio apartments. Senior apartment complexes, also known as retirement communities cater to the needs of those who are older than 55 years of age. Condos offer many of the amenities that standard apartment complexes do, but individual units are owned privately, so they make a great rental option for those who prefer having a relationship with their landlord.
It is good to become familiar with common renting terms before beginning your search. It can help you make sense of renting process when you are familiar with the terms used often by landlords, property managers and real estate agents.
Affording an Apartment

If you are a first-time renter or have not rented in a long while, knowing whether or not you can afford an apartment is very important. Your search can be made difficult if you go into it without having a good idea of what you can afford. It might even mean you end up with a monthly rent that you cannot afford. Many apartment complexes, particularly those owned by property management companies, have minimum income requirements that prospective tenants must meet in order to be approved for an apartment.

In many places, apartments have become unaffordable for much of the population. However, there are some things that can be done to make an apartment more affordable. Negotiating a lease with the landlord of an apartment can lead to some savings. Private landlords might be more willing to negotiate a lower monthly rent. Landlords and property managers sometimes change their mind on the price of their rent. Negotiating for other savings such as a utility in the price of rent is usually more effective. Option of applying for Section 8 housing assistance is also available to people who cannot afford rent. Households are assisted in paying their monthly rent with the use of these vouchers.

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  1. I am a single stay at home mother and I am in need of help finding a home or an apartment for me an my child I am indeed need of help can you please help me out

  2. I'm Christy Thompson I'm calling from Gainesville Texas and my family is moved to Pueblo Colorado I'm disabled on a fixed income and would really like to join my family I'm trying to find some kind of assistance to help me get up there and get settled into a new home or apartment could you please send me back information for Pueblo Colorado aa1004 her number is 943011175

  3. I'm a single father,not making the money.I used to make on my other job.but non the less im grateful for what I have.but unfortunately I've come to the point of it being a bit tough for me and my son.I would appreciate any assistance I could get thank you.

  4. live in a house with my daughter in Wisconsin but will need knee surgery soon and can not stay here because of safety issues and she works from home so with all the people coming for pt and such the dogs would make doing her job impossible. where can I go?

  5. I am recently widowed, and my evil step son was left the house of 21 years in the will. He is evicting me. I have two dogs and am trying to buy the house from him. My credit is ?. I can put down 15%, but need help trying to mortgage the 85,000. Help and suggestions are welcome

  6. I live on a fixed income I have a disability I'm on oxygen 24/7 I need to find a place either a very small house Barnum cartman's I prefer a house I really don't like apartment living and I need assistance from HUD could you please give me a call I tried filling out the application but it did not let me fill it out I don't know if my phone froze up or what but I really need to move away from where I am I get treated bad and I can't handle it no more I live in Addison Illinois

  7. I had some type errors I am looking for a small one or two bedroom house or a small apartments but I need more room that's why I wanted a house I have a lot of stuff I accumulated throughout my life this was a text with the last message that was on here

  8. I am needing to find employment urgently I have applied at over 100 jobs have had interviews upon interviews and they always hire someone else and not me everyone. Or they sayvok well call you in a few days and they never do I have been trying since August 2019 and nothing. I am struggling and not gonna make it if I don't find a job. I moved here from Kansas few months back with my husband I have never had an issue like this in my life finding work in getting very discouraged. See actually in disabled as I have ptsd, rhemotoid arthritis and epilepsy but social security disability keeps denying me so I have to try my best and hardest to hold a job if I ever even get hired so I can make it. If not I'm doomed. But as well if it all works out and some year I get approved for disability or get job and able hold it I will need to find a cheap affordable small one bedroom house through his I'm trying to apply for as well and will need help to how to apply to get on hud or section 8 please and thank u. Any suggestions or advice would be great and help out tremendously. I live in Bakersfield CA, and again moved here from McPherson KS. Thanks,
    Andrea Goddard

  9. Hi to section 8 housing assistance this is Brian I'm looking get in a rental house right now do u have anything open and I have filled out the paperwork

  10. I have 3 kids and need housing by Tuesday I start a new job Monday haven't worked in the last 30 days so I dont have security or 1st months rent I did get the okay for the security deposit program but I still have to find housing to work with it I've been running around for the last 2 days and nothing I'm still looking to be homeless with 3 kids. 2020 was supposed to be good new job and find housing got the job just need housing for my kids.
    Please help

  11. I am in need of a house I previously live in Las Cruces NM and I am trying to move outta here and move to Bartlett tn so I was looking for assistance in that area

  12. My husband and I are homeless with two baby daughter's 8 months old & almost 2 years old. We were living with my husband's parents but his father passed away recently & we lost pretty much everything.

    I am in need of a two bedroom one bath apartment, house, trailor, it really doesn't matter just a place for us to call home.
    To make sure that we are stable i i want us to go with our absolute lowest budget for everything. So really I can only afford a maximum of $375 a month for rent.
    If i am being 'frank' i am supporting my family alone my husband helps here and there but can't seem to keep a stable income.

  13. I am losing my rental the end of this week. I am in desperate need of housing help. I started a new job last week and don't have alot of money , but I am working

  14. Im in desperate need of help ive called all churches and 211 no one has funding my daughter got really sick I had to stay in the hospital with her for 3 weeks do to her getting sick I had to miss work which was no question in mind at the time but when I got home reality set in the last check I was working for was my rent check and it was due in two days all bill past due I'm falling way too far behind I feel like I am suffocating I got a 14 pay or vacate I'm 4 days past the notice date with a balance of $1700 I'm a single mother with 3 little children and one has a weak immune system I cannot be homeless I'm fighting as hard as I can but my options are running out I don't know what else to do I found this website while searching the web for help I hope this gets to somebody

  15. I need help i have been looking for work but i was stuck in mexico for a month not being able to work and unable to cross due to circumstances in Mexico i am an American Citizen born in this Country i lost work money opportunity because i couldnt come back and continue to work and now that im back no one wants to hire me and i am needing a place to rent for my son and i i am doing what i can to make a few dollars here and there but not enough to pay what i need to in order to put us under a roof i can definitely use a helping hand both my son Giovanni 6 years about to turn 7 next month and i would be forever grateful

  16. Thank you Heart Breaking. As of January 12 I lost the woman I have lived with for the last 42 years! I'm devastated right now! If I had time to go thru the whole story, you could not understand just how a daughter could do something like this to her mother and father in law. Just please pray for my ex wife and I, I do not know how I am going to make it now. Heart Breaking, I am praying for you too.

  17. I am a single grandparent with custody of my 2 small grandchildren I lost my job of 18 year's last year with no notice. I am looking for a super cheap home. 3 bed rooms in a safe neighborhood. Ty

  18. I desperately need help with Apartment housing vouchers. I'm unemployed/disabled, trying to get approved for disability. Have been staying with friends. Have no family. How do I get an application to get on the waiting list ASAP? Thank you!!

  19. Hello my name is Keith Trammel,I am looking for a based on income home or section 8. I work part time and receive social security. I live in Nashville,Tennessee. I am 41 and have never had based on income housing. My credit score is a little low. How can you help?

  20. I'm a 58 year old widow and I have Metropolitan. I live in Hillsboro, Ohio.
    I'm looking for a 1 bedroom. I'll take an apartment or a house. I'd love to have a house so I can mow, plant flowers,and possibly have a garden.
    If any way possible can you please help me.
    Thank you very much.

  21. I applied for section 8 housing last year and I’m on disability plus 2 children still in the home, one still in elementary and the other in middle school. Every time I talk to them my name gets moved back farther on the list for some reason. I guess bc I’m not homeless but I’m close to it bc after paying my bills plus dr co-pays and our meds and $20 in gas in my car I only have like $20 to my name and that’s right after the I get my check on the 3rd. I’m in desperate need of help, my house has mold and mildew underneath it and my son is highly allergic to everything and keeps being sick plus bad migraines. If I can’t find anything here I would be glad to move somewhere in Florida around Clear Water. Please email me with any information you could help me with. I need a 3 bedroom

  22. 100% disabled. My oldest daughter was renting with me and moved out on me.. Im recovering from cancer.. Lost my whole left lung in 2010 and reassurance of cancer in my right upper lobe. Last CT Scan shows no further development at the time. I went through 11 chemo treatments and 30 radiation. I have severe intercostal nerve damage.. Also have COPD & emphysema. I use oxygen. My youngest daughter is with me now to help with my daily needs. Pretty much my caregiver.. We are currently renting. Beings that my oldest daughter has moved out and relocated i am left with her share of the rent plus all utilities. I'm reviving SSI.. unfortunately the total of my monthly bills exceed my income.. Our lease is up in June 2020.. So I'm reaching out for guidance in what to do or which direction i need to go from this point.. I'm receiving e-mails after e-mail but always end up at a dead end street. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  23. I am a single parent raising my nephew lost my job after 7 and half years we are so way behind with our rent in March our rent balance with be about 3,000 dollars our landlord has been very kind and under standing but we need any kind of temporary rent assistance thank you

  24. I recently got out of a 10 year abusive relationship myself and my 2 children are staying in a domestic abuse shelter I need help finding low income housing or some kinda of assistance as I am starting over with nothing and no job I'm in Wisconsin looking for places in Watertown or somewhere close

  25. Need help need cheaper place currently paying 740 a month im on disability only get 937 a month my son only works part time is paid bi weekely we are struggling stuck in sucky canton ohio

  26. I'm Homeless, sleeping on my Grandson mama Couch, I have a basic job right now. And I'm attending School online for my Bachelor's in Health care Management!!! Not giving up !!! Need a 1or 2 bedroom Condo or Apartment help with credit issues, first and last months rent PLEASE

  27. Hello I am in need for housing my fiance is not able to work and i I have a 1year old and struggle is a struggle to feed and keep shelter for all 3 is their any suggestions for housing thank you for your time

  28. I need assistance on rent and utilities for me and my daughter I'm disabled and she is waiting for her approval for social security for she disabled to that being why we are looking for a lower flat . For we can't do stairs . So very on income. Please help me

  29. I live in housing and they dont follow up on the repairs in my house hold i been were i live for 10yrs and due to the mildew and mold they continuesly keep acting like they fix that continues comi g out im sufferring from cronic Asthma and now i have C.O.P.D I KNOW IYS BECUZ of the lack of work so what help can i get to eighter move or get the proper help in need im also experincing broke. Mailbox for 1yr..already still nothing being done its still open as i writtimg what help can i get please despret im 59yrs. Old and i cant continue living in this condition.

  30. I just need boug9 1000 dollers voucher gorba motel and a storage unit so I can store our stuff in storage and we have a place take my soon to be wife an our 4 year old son we really need this help help please help me and my family with our troubles we are going threw

  31. My name is Jonathan Jenkins n I am gonna be homeless with so wife and so on Monday if I do get any help my phone number is 540-244-7906. Would be very thankful

  32. My. Name is Nathaniel. I have been. Looking. For. A one bedroom apartment in housings right now i am living with my brother i do. Receive. Ssi social surity i have been. Homles for last 5 yrs can't. Aford a hotel so i do. Need. Heip i am. Disbable i am retried my. Monthly income is. 700 83 dollars. Monthly income could you please. Help. Me

  33. I will be 56 years old & disabled. I have four Service Cats. I am looking for affordable housing in Knoxville, TN. We are clean & most people don't know I have cats until they see them. I need immediate assistance.

    Thank you,

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