Many people looking for housing are having a difficult time affording traditional rent so they are turning to low income housing which is either public housing or section 8 housing. However, in order to qualify for this type of assistance, you need to verify that your yearly income is below a certain income of the area. Income limits are based on the annual median income for the area every year by the Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD). You can verify your income by either using pay stubs, invoices, or IRS tax returns.

Types of Low-Income Housing
The two common types of assisted housing is section 8 housing and public housing. The Department of Housing and Urban Development not only monitors these programs but helps with them as well. However, local housing authorities manage public housing units, as well as works with residents seeking housing assistance. The difference between public housing and section 8 housing is public housing is rent that is lowered in order to be affordable for low-income households, and section 8 housing provides subsidies/vouchers to low-income families in order to make up the difference between the rent for an area.

Income Limits are Location Specific
The Department of Housing and Urban Development makes low-income units available to households with an annual income that ranges from 30-80% below the area’s median annual income. Households can be categorized from “low income”, “very low income”, and “extremely low income”. Typically families taht are classified in any of these three categories with corresponding income levels, they are eligible for a public housing unit. When looking at section 8 housing, the household income cannot surpass 50% of the area’s median income.

Proof of Income Documentation
You will need to verify your income with the department of housing and urban development in order to qualify for low-income housing. You can either use pay stubs, invoices, or IRS tax returns in order to do this. These documents will be looked at annually to ensure that eligibility remains intact.

Demographic Requirements
Besides verifying your income, you may also need to provide other information to the department of housing and urban development. Some of this information includes: family size, citizenship status, all other forms of income, as well as other economic and demographic information.

Be Prepared for a Wait
Due to an ever-growing numbers of Americans not being able to afford the price of rent, more and more applicants are pouring into low-income housing assistance programs. This has led to waitlists that can get pretty lengthy. Some lists even get closed in order to accommodate for such a vast number of applicants. When speaking to your local housing authority, ask them about wait times and if it would be beneficial to relocate areas.

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    Russell Davis

  2. I need help with my rent. I am on disability and SSI.
    INCOME TOTAL IS $803.00 a month. I live on an income restricted property now. How do I get help? All these sites didn't help me.

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  5. I am partially disable but work 30 hrs a week on commission and on partial unemployment do to the virus. Can not get any disability because I work. I'm looking for a rental 2/3 bedroom. I also have a 8 yr old dependent. With the loss of my normal income In used to I am 1 check away to being homeless.

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