Congratulations! You moved into your new apartment and now it is time for time fun part! Decorating is an awesome way to give the apartment you moved into your own personal flair. However, there are some guidelines that you should follow when beginning to give your space life:

What Guidelines You Should Follow:


Obtain a Written Permission

Let’s say you get the verbal okay to decorate the apartment for free, and then all of a sudden your landlord decides to charge you. You will need that written permission specifying all details of decorating so that you don’t potentially get finessed by your landlord.

Decorating On a BudgetThere’s nothing wrong with shopping at a thrift store! You save money on items that are gently used so you still get the beautiful look of the decoration without the ugly price! Also shopping for cheaper furniture like IKEA opposed to Ashley Furniture will save you money.

When Decorating: Use a Color Wheel! When you use a color wheel, you will be able to have a better idea of color schemes that can really make your apartment pop! You can also paint items other than the walls. If you want to add an addition of color to accentuate furniture then that can add an extra layer of dimension to your apartment!

Bring Out the GoodYou can maximize that space you have available to you by utilizing the wall and shelves! You can also utilize specific furniture to add a distinct look while still serving functionality. There are numerous ways that you can decorate the apartment that serves as style and function!

Don’t Just Paint and Add Furniture–Do More!You have a color scheme and furniture, it is now time to add that extra umph! Adding new lighting, rugs, curtains, plants, etc are all ways you can really tie your apartment together! However, any original fixtures you take out, you should put in a labeled box so you can put back the old items easily!

Now that you know what you should do when decorating your apartment, there are also some things you shouldn’t do if you want to ensure a happy renting/decorating experience!

What Not To Do:

Don’t Charge Your LandlordLet’s say you don’t like the handles on the cabinets in the kitchen. If you want to change them out, talk to your landlord. However, don’t charge them for the cosmetic work that you think has to be done. All work like this that you want to do should be done with your own money!

Be Alert When Buying Used Upholstered FurnitureWhen purchasing some chic antique furniture, you may come across a piece that you love but it is upholstered. No big deal, right? Well that may not be the case. You run the risk of having an infestation when you buy these types of products. If you want an upholstered furniture item that is used then you should get it professionally cleaned so you ensure the safety of you and your home!

Avoid WallpaperWhile wallpaper is beautiful and allows an added dimension to your apartment, it can be a real pain in the behind to remove! Instead achieve the same look by using decals, paint stencils, or specific peel away wallpaper.

Leave Natural Wood AloneWhile this seems obvious to say, you’d be surprised! Unless you have a lenient landlord just allow the finish to stay the same. You should coordinate the colors of your apartment around having to leave the crown moldings and baseboards the same as when you moved in.

Overall: Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure everything is in writing about what you can and can’t do when decorating! This avoids any mishaps and let’s you decorate freely while knowing the guidelines.

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